The Challenge

To be relevant in today’s competitive environment, marketing and loyalty professionals must recognize customers not just for their initial purchase, but also for their potential lifetime value to the business. As such, businesses must deliver an ongoing customer experience that creates loyalty in a competitive, frictionless market where customers can easily switch suppliers.

Businesses decide where and how to focus their customer loyalty efforts by cobbling together disparate internal and external data that shares no common structure. Loyalty-inspiring customer experiences arise from consistent, informed interaction with the business, across whatever channels customers choose. Deciding on whom to focus your efforts and how to deliver those efforts is a data-driven process confounded by the myriad systems and data sources that contribute to your view of the customer.


of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.


of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. (CEI Survey)


of buying experiences are based on how customers feel the vendor treats them. (CEI Survey)

The Solution

Trillium enables customer experience and loyalty programs to operate with a common, consistent data foundation that encompasses both traditional transactional data structures and Big Data. Whether your data is internally generated or acquired from external providers, Trillium’s tools identify data structures and relationships, and cleanse your customer data so that you can confidently conduct analytics to define your strategy and monitor its execution.

With Trillium, your communications with customers will be informed by a common, unified view. Trillium’s decades of experience and global reach provide us with the tools to support regional, national and international programs. And our commitment to rapid time-to-value means we can begin delivering results within 30 days.

The Benefits

Trillium provides the data quality foundation to:

  • Increase revenues through consistent views of customers that extend beyond the initial sale
  • Improve your brand with customer-aware messaging and channel relevance
  • Drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve the execution – and ROI – of your customer loyalty programs
  • Introduce data quality, with minimal demands on your IT organization

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