Challenge: Eliminate Stale, Duplicate, Invalid CRM records

Administrators and users operating at the front line of CRM operations often struggle with poor data quality in the systems that support them. Inaccurate, incomplete or duplicated customer records waste time and diminish confidence in CRM systems, whose purpose is to improve marketing, sales and service performance. With the limited native tools available to address data quality problems, you cannot get the most from your CRM investment.

Poor data affects 40% of generated leads.

Duplicates, invalid data and missing fields are the leading causes of that poor data.

Distrust in accurate CRM data can lead to a decline in user adoption.

Solution: Single View of the Customer, Powered by Trillium

Trillium offers a range of data quality solutions to address CRM data challenges. For market-leading systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Trillium’s integrated solutions provide data quality as a natural part of daily operations, accessible from both CRM administrator and user interfaces. These solutions deliver batch and real-time data cleansing, deduplication and enrichment services that begin delivering results in just 30 days. For CRM migrations or customer data projects/processes in support of Master Data Management or Customer Data Integration efforts, Trillium’s flagship TSS platform complements a wide range of target CRM environments, including bespoke solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Improved efficiency of CRM processes through integration of data quality
  • Greater system usage, with trust that data is accurate and complete
  • Administrator confidence that accurate, current data drives operations
  • Assurance that analytical decisions are based on accurate data foundations
  • Enhanced, faster return on your CRM investment

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