The Challenge

Business leaders, analysts and decision makers measure an analytics initiative’s success by its impact on the business. Unless you can refine raw data into actionable, trusted insights, you can’t make decisions that increase revenue and efficiency while decreasing costs and risk.

The Solution

Trillium Software’s intuitive, user-friendly platform enables business data consumers and analysts to access data directly from multiple enterprise sources and then validate and explore it to ensure that it meets business requirements.

The Benefits

Trillium enables users who demand data assurance to:

  • Spend less time on manual data remediation
  • Seek out inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent information, using an intuitive interface that automates, accesses and intelligently analyzes data quality
  • Access a shared central repository of data quality statistics, indicators, trends, and business rule checks and controls

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Datasheet: Self Service Data Assurance for Business Intelligence and Analytics

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Datasheet: Business Rules Center

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