Your customers are demanding more personalized service, new competitors are emerging, the regulatory landscape is shifting and technology is becoming more complex. Without accurate and complete data, your organization simply cannot make the right decisions to succeed in this dynamic environment.

Power your business performance with our Customized Solutions

Dashboards and Data Quality Monitoring

Gain greater visibility into your business, and identify opportunities and risks, with easy-to-use dashboards that monitor, measure and compare critical data elements against key performance metrics.

Data Quality Audit

Identify data issues that negatively impact your business performance, and then quantify their impact and define processes for remediation and business improvement.

Unified Customer View

Optimize revenue-generating marketing campaigns, increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention by creating real-time integrated customer views across multiple channels.

Application Services

Count on Trillium’s expertise in operational support, system optimization and new product development, enabling you to focus on running your business as you maximize your investment in Trillium.

Data Migration

Ensure smooth migration of data by assessing current data, establishing data transformation and mapping definitions. Correct, consolidate and monitor data once it is on the new system.

In our recard mailing, in the weeks between extracting data for the 10 million-card print run and data for the mailing pack information, there were 300,000 suppressions on the grounds of data latency...(T)he Trillium Software System enabled us to identify these suppressions, saving us around £150K in production and mailing costs.

Aimia (formerly Groupe Aeroplan)

The Trillium Software System is helping us deliver substantial cost savings across our enterprise data quality process. Ultimately, the higher levels of data accuracy we are achieving (are) adding to the effectiveness of our asset management operations by both reducing costs and enabling us to further ensure the safety of our main gas pipe network for the people in our area.

Wales & West Utilities

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