The success of data-intensive business initiatives hinges on an accurate understanding of data, but business leaders often can’t precisely assess or monitor information quality across the organization. TS Discovery accelerates and simplifies the data discovery process and easily adapts to profile new data sources and assess business information based on your changing business requirements. Sophisticated, unmatched discovery and profiling techniques ensure your organization has the most complete, reliable assessment of enterprise data, so you can accurately scope new data-intensive projects, ensure compliance with standards and make informed business decisions. 

Operationalize Data Quality and Data Governance


Successful, sustainable data quality and data governance strategies depend heavily on business subject matter experts’ and IT pros’ continuous monitoring and analysis of data quality standards against predetermined benchmarks and standards. Intuitive, user-friendly tools that facilitate collaboration between distributed, cross-functional teams can accelerate project deployment, support broad initiatives and enable continuous process improvement. 

Using the Trillium Discovery REST API, results of data profiling or business rules processing can be integrated with third-party applications for data governance, regulatory compliance, analytic dashboards and much more.


Key Features

  • Extensive Business Rules Library
    Reuse, version, categorize and share rules and data quality reports across multiple data sources, data quality processes and users.
  • Collaborative Data Discovery and Business Rules Management (Enhanced!)
    Access and profile data sources and create, modify and execute business rules through a web browser with Trillium Discovery Center.
  • Comprehensive Data Interrogation
    Reveal data defects that prevent accurate analysis, delay decision making and erode trust.
  • Reliable Compliance Monitoring
    View analytics that compare data against standards expressed as metadata (system- or user-generated), user-defined logic or accepted standards (e.g., industry standard values, rules, lookup tables).
  • Detailed Reporting
    Share profiling and rule results through summarized dashboards and detailed data content to stewardship and governance team members through Trillium's user interface, a web client, or exportable files.

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