Do you want the power of an enterprise data quality solution, but don’t want to assume the financial and administrative burdens of the infrastructure needed to support it? Are you ready to quickly reap the value of complete and accurate data assets?

If so, Trillium Cloud is the solution you need. Trillium Cloud combines our industry-leading data quality platform with the deployment ease and operational flexibility of a Trillium-administered, hardened, secure Cloud environment. By eliminating the implementation and administrative impediments of the supporting infrastructure, Trillium Cloud allows you to focus on the value that enterprise data quality can bring to your organization. Our world-class professional services organization will help you begin to see the benefits of this proven solution within 30 days.

Data Quality via the Cloud – Without Compromise

Unlike other cloud-based data quality tools, Trillium Cloud is a comprehensive solution focused on enterprise requirements. With functional parity with our on-premise solution, Trillium Cloud not only uncovers your data assets’ content, structure, rules, relationships and quality, but it also identifies and unifies data across multiple sources and domains. As with our on-premise offering, Trillium Cloud provides parsing, standardization, cleansing and enrichment capabilities for organizations’ multinational, enterprise-wide data requirements.

Key Features

  • Rapid, Agile Deployment
    We eliminate any dependency upon your internal hardware/software infrastructure and reduce demands on your already-burdened IT staff.
  • Right-sized Financial Model
    Our subscription model eliminates the capital costs of technology procurement. You acquire data quality “as a service,” specific – and sized – to your needs.
  • Elimination of Operational Complexity
    Because Trillium administers the solution, you can focus on the value that data quality delivers to your business.
  • Access to True Data Quality Expertise
    You can leverage our knowledge of data quality best practices, as well as our experience with the technology that delivers the solution.
  • World-class Cloud Infrastructure
    We harness the power of a world-class cloud platform, assuring organizations of a secure, resilient, responsive data quality environment.

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