Customer Success

  • By implementing a combined Trillium Software data quality and Master Data Management CC solution, South African corporate and investment banking services firm Absa Capital, was able to accurately assess and manage core static data in support of critical credit risk reporting. Absa ensured correct, accurate levels of capital and liquidity levels to meet its business requirements, and increased data collaboration with other business units, including its Barclays Capital affiliate.

    Environment:  Trillium Software Solutions, Trillium Software System®, TS Insight

  • Improved data certainty resulted in the accurate mailing of 10 million new loyalty cards and saving an estimated £150k in production and mailing costs.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, Linux (Solaris)

  • Her name is Madeleine. She is ALSTOM Power’s enterprise-wide MDM initiative organized by Chief Data Officer (CDO), Andreas Beckmann. Behind the scenes of this project, named after a precocious French girl, is a global MDM strategy that depends on Trillium Software® data integrity for its lifeblood.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, SAP PowerMax, Tibco CIM.

  • By enabling a unified view of complex and volatile customer data across products in their CRM application, AT&T leveraged householding and hierarchical capabilities to improve cross- and upsell opportunities and customer service.

    Environment: Oracle Data Warehouse, IBM Mainframe, UNIX.

  • Babcock's Marine & Technology Division was struggling to manage all aspects of its supply chain, a critical part of their business. Data on over one million commodities and parts needed to be managed, and data quality issues were causing inefficiencies and additional costs across the end-to-end process. Additionally, the company was undergoing an enterprise-wide process and system redesign, and bringing together variable quality data from disparate systems would cause problems when trying to integrate and match it within a single platform.

  • Verified the accuracy of commercial data supporting customer insight, business intelligence and business reporting to improve the cost-effectiveness of data quality processes and implement data governance strategies across the enterprise.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, Teradata Data Warehouse, Windows Server

  • Within days of going live with the Trillium Software System, Canon Europe’s Consumer Imaging (CCI) started to benefit from having a formal and automated data quality process in place. The cleansed data has allowed CCI to gain intelligence into many areas of its business which today is steering its customer and distributor management strategies.

    Environment: Oracle eBusiness Suite, Oracle Customer Data Hub (CDH)

  • The data quality solution more than paid for itself within one year by reducing the number of records Cendant submitted for outsourced ETL processing. Now the data warehouse, which holds data from nine different hotel chains, is a thriving hub serving multiple user communities and supporting new enterprise opportunities daily.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, Packaged ETL solutions

  • DELA, a leading insurance company based in the Netherlands, was looking to completely overhaul the way its customer services system operated, creating a new style of “customer-orientated working” within the organization. They needed a single, trusted master view of clients within Microsoft Dynamics, replacing the need for Customer Services and other employees to interact with up to 12 separate systems.

    Solution: Trillium Software System®, Trillium Software Plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • This global giant fortified customer loyalty by enabling customers to track inbound, outbound and third-party packages more accurately and quickly via, while increasing the use of FedEx services by its largest, globally-distributed customers.

    Environment: FedEx InSight package tracking and the Trillium Software System®

  • An understanding of the total present and future value of each customer helps HSBC be more competitive. The new system, with reliable data quality at its core, provides accurate, more timely and actionable information to decision makers.

    Environment: Data Warehouse, CRM, Trillium Software System®

  • By applying data quality processes to detailed home delivery and shopper information captured at the point of sale for more than 3 million customers, Iceland Foods was able to personalize direct marketing communications, gain higher response rates, and apply accurate customer intelligence for more strategic decision making.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, Teradata data warehouse, SQL Server, IBM EPOS, and Microsoft .Net

  • Decreased supply chain costs by more than € 20M in 2 years by uncovering the true content, structure, relationships, and quality of data in the 860 separate inventory management systems within their global supply chain. Discovered and corrected data quality issues across massive volumes of data prior to integration into their new inventory system, enabling them to validate inventory data across multiple attributes and to create accurate supplier and inventory views.

    Environment: Heterogeneous applications and platforms and the Trillium Software System

  • By increasing the value of its data management solution with high quality data, Oki Data improved the resolution of its customer views,  decreased shipping and mailing errors due to verified and corrected addresses, reduced manual intervention to correct data errors, and improved customer service based on more complete customer views.
    Environment:  Trillium Software System®. SAP legacy databases, CRM, Windows-based systems
  • By consolidating and standardizing data formats and data quality for multinational data across all backend customer services, roadside assistance, and warranty systems, Porsche improved support for worldwide dealers, ensured effective customer communication, and secured increased brand loyalty.

    Environment: My SAP CRM, Trillium Software Data Quality Connector for SAP, and Trillium Software System®

  • By creating a single view of customer data that resided in four different systems, and refreshing this single view daily by standardizing, correcting, and matching new and updated records fed from the existing customer databases, Prudential enhanced customer satisfaction, increased call center effectiveness, and improved compliance.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, CRM, Packaged ETL Tools

  • A robust data assurance process featuring Trillium automated reports instantly turned data sets with millions of records into business intelligence to feed the investment modeling exercise and drive business decisions.

    Environment: Trillium Software Discovery

  • Leveraged householding and consolidation of accounts within a data warehouse to reduce bad debt, streamline data quality processes, and drive a single customer view for integrated customer relationship management initiative.

  • Smals needed robust data matching and data quality capabilities for their eHealth Platform initiative. By using Trillium’s solutions, Smals is able to ensure the accurate and secure exchange of patient data between all healthcare sector agencies.
    Solution:  TS Quality
  • In order to identify financial risk, compliance issues and social fraud, Smals must ensure the accurate identification and linkage of companies and individuals. With Trillium’s solutions, Smals has improved the prioritization of targeted investigations, developed more accurate risk models and fraud predictions. Trillium also enabled Smals to increase their productivity by completing projects up to ten times faster than before.
    Solution:  TS Quality
  • By identifying and analyzing misfielded information in 14 million records that had vehicle category information they could append to our customer database, Trans Union was able to create a new suite of products targeted to upsell these customers.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, CRM, Data Warehouse.

  • Reduced asset data analysis from months to minutes by automating the data quality process for 500,000 asset management records.

    Environment: Trillium Software System®, SAP.